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Summary of Recent Financial Results

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Summary of Recent Financial Results

Summary of Recent Financial Results

◆ Record retail unit sales

In the fiscal year under review (March 1, 2023 February 29, 2024), total unit sales at directly managed stores in Japan were 268,844 (up 8.7% year on year). Retail unit sales to consumers reached a record high of 144,487 (up 6.6% year on year). In addition, gross profit per retail unit stood at an average of 410,000 yen on a full-year basis, maintaining the level in the previous year. Wholesale unit sales to business operators were 124,357 (up 11.2% year on year) partly due to solid auto auction market prices, and a record high total unit sales of 268,844 was achieved. This is an aggregation of retail unit sales and wholesale unit sales. Retail unit sales were 53.7% of total unit sales while wholesale unit sales were 46.3%. Retail gross profit was approximately 80% of non-consolidated gross profit which totaled 71,062 million yen.

◆ Increase in Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses”

Selling, general and administrative expenses increased, chiefly reflecting higher advertising expenses linked to the opening of large stores and higher personnel expenses due to a rise in the number of employees as the result of increased new hiring for the implementation of growth strategies and recruitment costs.

◆ Record quarterly operating profit on a non-consolidated basis

Due to the ability to maintain the gross profit level per retail unit by improving the accuracy of retail pricing and an increase in the number of retail units, non-consolidated quarterly operating profit was 5.8 billion yen (+31% YoY), exceeding the 5.2 billion yen in Q3 FY2023 and the highest quarterly operating income on record.